Datasette Cloud provides teams with private, hosted Datasette spaces where they can upload data, collaborate on analysis and share the results.

Each space has its own site - - which can be accessed only by invited members of that space.

Spaces run in their own dedicated containers with encrypted volume storage that is backed up on a continuous basis.

Spaces have members, some of whom are admins. Admins can invite, remove and promote members.

Getting started

First, sign in to Datasette Cloud. You can sign in using your Google account (recommended) or you can register an account with a username, email address and password.

You will need an invite code to create your space.

When you create a space, you can set its name, pick a URL for it and choose where in the world you would like it to be hosted. Pick somewhere geographically close to your team for the best performance.

Inviting your team

Once you have created a space, you can invite other team members to join it by entering their email addresses. They will receive an email with a link they can use to join the space.

Importing data

There are several ways to import data into your new Datasette Cloud space:

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