datasette-pins — a new Datasette plugin for pinning tables and queries

datasette-pins is a new Datasette plugin that allows you to "pin" specific databases, tables, and queries to your Datasette homepage. It's part of a much larger redesign of the Datasette experience. Try it out!

Extracting data from unstructured text and images with Datasette and GPT-4 Turbo

Clean data, with well defined columns and rows, is a beautiful thing - the ideal starting point for any data analysis or visualization project. Sadly, very little of the world's interesting data is published in a structured format that we can start using straight away. datasette-extract is a new tool for Datasette that uses GPT-4 Turbo to create and populate database tables using data extracted from unstructured text and images.

datasette-plot - a new Datasette Plugin for building data visualizations

datasette-plot is a new Datasette plugin for making visualizations from tables and SQL queries inside of Datasette. It's a spiritual successor of datasette-vega, with the goal of supporting more data visualization types and better integration with new Datasette features. Try out the demo, or install it on your Datasette instances today!

Annotate and explore your data with datasette-comments

datasette-comments is a new Datasette plugin for collaborative discussions on your Datasette. You can leave comments on specific rows of your SQLite tables, @mention your collaborators and coworkers, track your work with hashtags, and more. Check out our demo read-only instance, and try it out today with Datasette Cloud or self-host it yourself!

Getting started with the Datasette Cloud API

Your team's space on Datasette Cloud includes a comprehensive JSON API. This can be used to both read and write data to your private databases. In this tutorial learn how to use Python to import data from the Federal Register into a Datasette Cloud space, and how to run that code on a schedule using GitHub Actions.

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