Getting started with the Datasette Cloud API

Your team's space on Datasette Cloud includes a comprehensive JSON API. This can be used to both read and write data to your private databases. In this tutorial learn how to use Python to import data from the Federal Register into a Datasette Cloud space, and how to run that code on a schedule using GitHub Actions.

Introducing datasette-litestream: easy replication for SQLite databases in Datasette

datasette-litestream is a new Datasette plugin that simplifies backing up your SQLite databases, using Litestream. Instead of manually installing, configuring, and running Litestream as a separate process, datasette-litestream will instead automatically replicate your Datasette databases to the S3 bucket of your choosing, with just a few extra lines of code in your Datasette configuration files.

Introducing datasette-write-ui: a Datasette plugin for editing, inserting, and deleting rows

datasette-write-ui is a new Datasette plugins that adds new UI elements to table and row pages, allowing you to insert, delete, and edit rows, all in Datasette. It's part of a much larger push to a future Datasette 1.0 release.

Welcome to Datasette Cloud

Datasette Cloud is the new SaaS hosting platform for the Datasette open source project. It enables teams to create a private collaboration space, upload and share data securely with each other, and then selectively publish that data to the world.